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Syria is the place to go if you are looking for somewhere which is rich in art and culture. Within different cities in Syria, there are several places to visit and where you can enjoy the richness of the country’s history.

In Damascus, for those who are interested, there is the Omayyad mosque which stands in the heart of the city. The mosque dates back to 705 A.D. Moreover, In terms of religious site, one will find the church of St. Paul. The church is located at the site of St. Paul’s escape. If you are interested in more of the culture rather than religious sites, you can visit the Azem palace which is an

astonishing example of a Damascene house, where the simple, almost primitive, exterior contrasts rather sharply with the beauty and sophistication of the interior. It is located very close to the Omayyad mosque. Next to the mosques as well is the tomb of Saladin. It was originally part of a school built by his son. The interior is decorated by beautiful polychrome marble mosaics. The Damascus Citadel is the only fortress in Syria which does not exceed a hill or a mountain. Inside the Damascus Citadel, houses, baths, mosques and schools were built. It was a city within a city. In 1202, the citadel was demolished and rebuilt by El-Malek el-Adel.

In Aleppo, it is essential to visit the Aleppo Museum where a lot of emphasis is put in the Iron Age as well as the Islamic section. The Great Mosque in Aleppo was the garden for the Cathedral of St. Helena. The Aleppo souk is covered by stone archways. The souk is 30 km long, which makes it the longest one in the Middle East.

Situated 60 Km from Aleppo is the well-preserved Church of St. Simeon. This beautiful church was built in honor of St. Simeon the Stylite who lived here on top of a column for 37 years. This church became famous and was visited by pilgrims from all around the area.

Syria is full of places to visit, things to explore and fascinating experiences. Damascus and Aleppo are only two cities out of many more in Syria where every step has something to say about the country’s history.


Program 1

(14 days)

Day 1

Arrival to Aleppo airport

Day 2

Visit to the old city, National museum, Citadel and old markets. Visit to the Bimaristan, Walls, and Gates of the old city.

Day 3:

Visit to st. Simon castle, ain dara,Idleb museum, ebla and return to Aleppo

Day 4:

Visit to Al-Rasafeh, Ja’abar Citadel, Fettiah village, Raqqa, and sightseeing in the city

Day 5:

Visit to Halabeyeh, Deir Ezzor, city tour

Day 6:

Visit to doura Europos, Mari city, Palmyra

Day 7:

visit to the tombs, museum, the temple of Bel, old Palmyra, Palmyra citadel

Day 8:

A trip taken to Damscus, national museum, Kazer al-Azem, Omayyad mosque, souq al-hamidiyeh

Day 9:

travel to Bosra, travel to Sweida, Sweida museum, Trip to Shahba, Return to Damscus

Dat 10:

Visit to Kassioun mountain, trip taken to Ma’lula, and visit St. Takla and Serjieus. A visit to Crac des Chevaliers citadel, trip to al-qurdaha and overnight there.

Day 11

Trip to Ugarit, visit to saladin citadel, visit to slenfeh, Afamia, trip to Hama and overnight there

Day 12

visit to Hama museum and water wheel. Transfer to sarghaia and Bara. Return to Aleppo.

Day 13

Trip to Sfireh villages and free time in the afternoon

Day 14

Departure from Aleppo


Northern Jordan & Syria

Program 2

(15 days)

Day 1: Arrival at Amman

Day 2: We drive north to Jerash, a city believed to have been found by Alexander the Great. During our visit we see the enormous oval shaped forum, encircled by fifty-six columns, the temple of Zeus and Artemis and the theatre built to accommodate five thousand spectators.

Day 3: We drive north to Um Qais, another city of the Decapolis. We continue east into the desert to the Basalt city of Um Jimal. The barracks which dominate the approach to the town date from the 5th century.

Day 4: We drive through Bossra on our way from Amman to Damscus

Day 5: We drive north to Homs then east into the Barren Desert which extends to the euprates river to stay for three nights at the oasis city of Palmyra.

Day 6: Palmyra

Day 7: We drive east of Palmyra to Abu Kamal. Nearby are the ruins of Mari and important Mesopatamian city, dating back to 5000 years. Then we visit the site of Doura Europos. We return to Palmyra for our last night there.

Day 8: We drive back to Aleppo

Day 9: We visit the Citadel and the covered souk

Day 10: We will visit the Crac De Chevallier which is the finest example of medieval military architecture. We then continue our trip to Tartus.

Day 11: A day in Tartus and we will visit their cathedral.

Day 12: We make our way to Damscus to spend the three last nights

Day 13: Damscus

Day 14: Damscus

Day 15: Departure to Stokholm