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The Holy Land will take you back in time to experience how life was in the times of Jesus. The church of the Holy Sepulcher is the most important Holy Land pilgrimage destination for the Catholic and Orthodox. The massive church is built over the location of Golgotha (the hill upon which Jesus was crucified) and the tomb in which Jesus was laid before his resurrection.

The Dome of the Rock is the oldest Muslim building standing until our present day in the whole entire world. The rock inside the building is believed to be the stone for creation by Muslims.

Via Dolorosa (the passion way) runs through the Old city from St. Stephen’s Gate to the church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Christian Quarter. The street traces the last step of Jesus before he was crucified. Along Via Dolorosa are the first nine Stations of the Cross (the last five are within the church of the Holy Sepulcher). The stations are fairly well-marked.

The Mount of Olives is where Jesus wept for the destruction of Jerusalem. Among the churches located on the mount are Dominus Flevit, the church of Pater Noster, the Russian church of Mary Magdalene and the church of all nations.

The tomb of King and Prophet David is located on Mount Zion. There is also the city of David which is worth visiting. There are so many other religious and non-religious attraction sites to enjoy and experience in Jerusalem. A trip to Jerusalem would certainly be a memory for life.


Jerusalem Program

Day 1: Arrival to Jerusalem; transportation by bus to the monastery

Day 2: Free day

Day 3: Palm Sunday

Day 4: A bus is taken to the mount of olives, Pater noster, Panorama of Jerusalem, Dominus Flevit, Gethsemanie, the grave of St. Mary. A trip taken to Mount Zion to visit St. Mary’s church. A trip taken to the birth church, Jieta Grotto, Shepherd Farm, one our way home we will visit St. Elias church

Day 5: The grave and house of Lazarus, the monastery of St. George, Zaka’s church, mount of Qorontol where Jesus stayed for 40 days. Lastly, the doda sea.

Day 6: A bus taken to Haifa från Jerusalem (2 hours), A visit to Nazareth where there are two church for St. Mary. A visit to St. Mary’s house and we continue to Kana to visit the church there. Lunch will be eaten in Tiberias. After lunch, a visit to Tabernacles church then to Tabgha church. Then a visit taken to St. Peter’s house. A boat is taken to Tiberias town and then a bus is taken back to Jerusalem

Day 7: Maundy Thursday

Day 8: Passion Friday

Day 9: Easter eve

Day 10: Easter Day

Day 11: Shopping

Day 12: Shopping

Day 13: Departure to Stockholm